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Bhajan Babies

Please note: From January 2017I have decided to take a break from Bhajan Babies at Easton Community Centre. I am still open and hoping to run adhoc sessions for parents and young babies (pre-crawling) at the Light House in Bristol (near Greenbank Cemetary). I am also happy to offer one-to-one sessions for parents and pregnant mums and also small groups. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in any of the above:

Since becoming a parent chanting has been such a nourishing and supportive practice for me and my family. I have been chanting with my children since birth, often in the middle of the night to get them to sleep! From the ancient mantra Om through to devotional chants my 

children have benefited enormously from this practice. From colic to teething, it is the one thing that always successfully settled them. Little ones love the vibration of these chants and they are very effective in getting them to sleep and easing agitation.

Of course, this practice benefits us parents as much as our children. Chanting is a meditative, joyful practice that quiets the busy chatter of the mind and opens the heart. It is perfect for tired, busy parents. The repetition of these sounds has a wonderfully calming effect, creating a stillness that is nourishing and recharging. Now my children are a little older if I feel myself getting angry or frustrated chanting helps to transform those feelings and I feel more compassionate and patient, ready to face the next challenge!

Bhajan Babies is for Mums, Dads, babies and pre-school children. Expectant Mothers are very welcome too, as chanting can enhance the bond with the unborn baby, and get them used to the calming sounds of chanting. I encourage parents to relax, breathe and simply 'be' as much as possible, allowing older children to roam and play freely.

I also have a dedicated Bhajan Babies Facebook page so please Like to get reminders and more information.

Why Bhajan Babies?

Bhajans are Indian devotional songs including mantra and kirtan. To find out more about chanting and kirtan please click here.


"I attended Tim's sessions whilst pregnant with my second baby. One song (Shree Ram/Cover me) in particular especially moved me and I was often brought to tears. I recently bought Tim's CD Devotional Heart and played it to my now three-year-old who hasn't heard the chant since he was born. He instantly recognised the song and with much excitement said: 'I know this song, mummy, It was dark inside.' He clearly remembered 'Cover Me' from his time in utero and has been asking to play it ever since, singing along and telling everyone this is his song. This will always be such a special memory for me. Thank you Tim!" - Jessica Adams

"Tim's chanting class created the space for a deep, deep connection with my 19 day old baby - who gazed at me with full eye contact (for the first time) for 10 minutes with love pouring out of his eyes whilst I wept with joy. Amazing! His classes leave my baby and I in a really peaceful space every time, which lasts all day" - Clare Hawtin

"Tim's baby kirtan is such a treat for me and my twin boys. This practice is so precious to me and the fact that it is being offered to us is like a little sanctuary. I sing Tim's bhajans to my boys at bedtime too. Thank you for your perfect gift that keeps on giving." - Rachel Fleming

"We love love love Bhajan Babies! Thank you for doing what you do, it's a little piece of sanity in ourweek!" - Gwen Williams






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