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“The path of love and devotion is the easiest way to attain the Divine.” – Bhakti Sutras of Narada


Join me for a playful exploration of Bhakti Yoga. The most popular limb of Bhakti Yoga in the West is Kirtan, and of course we will do lots of chanting together, but there will also be time for stories about the deities and saints, personal reflections, questions and discussion.


Bhakti Yoga is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment. Bhakti means “devotion” or “love” and this path contains various practices to unite the bhakta (Bhakti Yoga practitioner) with the Divine. Bhakti Yoga is considered the easiest yogic path to master and the most direct method to experience the unity of mind, body and spirit. While Hatha Yoga requires a strong and flexible body, Raja Yoga requires a disciplined and concentrated mind, and Jnana Yoga requires a keen intellect, the only requirement for Bhakti Yoga is an open, loving heart. But Bhakti Yoga complements other paths of yoga well, and it is said that jnana (knowledge or wisdom) will dawn by itself when you engage in the devotional practices of Bhakti Yoga.


“Bhakti is Love – loving God, loving your own Self, and loving all beings. The small heart should become bigger and bigger and, eventually, totally expansive. A spark can become a forest fire.” – Amma


This is a small group limited to just 10 participants so advanced booking is essential.


Tim Chalice has been leading Kirtan for well over 15 years, appearing at many bhakti and yoga festivals, gatherings and retreats, as well as releasing two Kirtan CDs. Tim is also a Naked Voice Graduate and has trained to facilitate the transformative Naked Voice practices.


"Tim is a dedicated pilgrim of prayerful chant and song. His devotional heart sound and meditative mantras, penetrate your mind, inspire participation, and awaken your heart." - Chloe Goodchild - Singer, Founder of The Naked Voice


Venue: The Light House, 145 Robertson Road, Bristol, BS5 6LB

Date: Sunday 24th March

Time: 2.00-5.00pm

Cost: £22


Previous Workshop Testimonials:

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing workshop today. I’m feeling hopeful and excited and it’s all down to the Bhakti you so generously facilitated!" - Mischa Yogui


"An inspiring day where I learned so much!" - Francesca Giusti


"What a wonderful balanced, informative, love-filled day." - Kalyani

Bristol: 24th March

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