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The workshop is now fully booked. If you would like to be on the mailing list or notified of the next harmonium workshop please email me at


This experiential and fun workshop is aimed at those new and relatively new to the harmonium with the aim of being able to play and sing simple chants. This might be for your own personal practice, to share with your friends and family or, in time, to lead a public Kirtan.


To begin the workshop we will spend a short while getting to know the instrument and learning how to navigate the keyboard as smoothly and easily as possible. We will look at the different ways of playing the harmonium and learn about playing chords and also chord inversions which can make life a lot easier for us. We will learn to play a few simple chants and begin to see how easily we can play any number of chants once we have grasped the basics and know a few chords! You will be provided with a chant sheet to go away and practice with and support you in the following weeks and months. This workshop is only the beginning as there is no substitute for practice!


In order to break up the day and give ourselves time to absorb our harmonium practice the workshop may be punctuated with one or two simple vocal practices. These practices aim at strengthening our witness consciousness, which in this context is the ability to become a neutral observer of our own voice. Many of us have fear, anxiety and judgement about our voices so by strengthening the ‘witness’ we begin to let go of the mental reactivity and simple enjoy our voices for the beautiful expression that they are. To lead Kirtan we need to sing from the heart, allowing our love and devotion to flow freely, unhindered by the unhelpful chatter of the mind.


This is a small group limited to just six participants so advanced booking is essential. I have 3 spare harmoniums that can be borrowed by anyone wishing to learn without their own instrument. Please contact me to reserve a harmonium.


Tim Chalice has been leading Kirtan for well over 15 years, appearing at many bhakti and yoga festivals, gatherings and retreats, as well as releasing two Kirtan CDs. Tim is also a Naked Voice Graduate and has trained to facilitate the transformative Naked Voice practices.


"Tim is a dedicated pilgrim of prayerful chant and song. His devotional heart sound and meditative mantras, penetrate your mind, inspire participation, and awaken your heart." - Chloe Goodchild - Singer, Founder of The Naked Voice


Venue: The Light House, 145 Robertson Road, Bristol, BS5 6LB

Date: Saturday 20th April

Time: 11am-4.00pm

Cost: £44


If this event is Sold Out ("Out of Stock") and you would like to be on the waiting list please email me at


Previous Workshop Testimonials:

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing workshop today. I’m feeling hopeful and excited and it’s all down to the Bhakti you so generously facilitated!" - Mischa Yogui


"An inspiring day where I learned so much!" - Francesca Giusti


"What a wonderful balanced, informative, love-filled day." - Kalyani

Bristol: 20th April

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