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Tim Chalice Facebook Page

Please 'Like' my musician page and keep up-to-date with all my news, events etc.

Tim Chalice Twitter Page

Follow me for events, news and inspirational quotes and poetry.

Tim Chalice YouTube Page

Check out my videos on YouTube.


Download my albums, Planting Peace, Devotional Heart and Give It All Away For Love. Bandcamp give musicians a better deal than iTunes etc!

The Naked Voice

The Naked Voice was developed by singer, voice teacher, and music educator, Chloe Goodchild.

I have trained and worked with Chloe since 2006.


Beltane Bhakti Gathering

Annual Bhakti Gathering at Osho Leela and best weekend of the year!


Winter Bhakti Gathering 2013 Short Film

Featuring Satish Kumar & Vandana Shiva, plus kirtan artists Dinesh (with Bharati & Gail), Tim Chalice and Narayani.


Santosa Living Yoga and Bhakti Camp

Beautiful annual Yoga and Bhakti Camp near Glastonbury.


Yoga Bodhi

A centre for yoga in the heart of Bath and venue for my monthly Friday chanting session.



I lead Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga sessions for the Yoga Teacher Training run at Yogafurie.


Mindful Lives

Holisitic package of mindfulness, yoga & therapies to restore health & wellbeing based in Bristol.



FutureHope removes vulnerable children from the streets of Kolkata, India and gives them a loving place to stay, an education and some hope for the future.


Peace One Day

The inspirational Jeremy Gilley and his incredible journey to create a World Peace Day.


Bards of Avalon

Good friends Bea & David, an inspiring couple, doing great work with sound and much more...


Lilla Duignan

Book artist Lilla Duignan did the beautiful artwork for my CD 'Devotional Heart'. Lilla's work often combines the handmade with the digital, aspiring to bring to life and express things seen/felt with the inner eye.


Paolo Ferla (Photography)

Paolo is a lovely photographer based in Bath who took some of the photos on this website and even made me look photogenic! 


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