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"Tim is a dedicated pilgrim of prayerful chant and song. His devotional heart sound and meditative mantras, are an empowering fusion of East-West ‘bhakti’ sound, whose recurring melodies and sumptuous world orchestration, penetrate your mind, inspire participation, and awaken your heart. If you have never found a way to pray that links your longing with your love of life, now is your chance!"

- Chloe Goodchild - Singer, Author "The Naked Voice”


"Tim Chalice is a chanter for the people. His heartfelt tones inspire an immediate sense of coming together and an earthy spirit. Tim is highly original in his approach and you just want to join in at once as he wholeheartedly draws you in to the chant!" 

- Nikki Slade, Free the Inner Voice


Tim sings his devotional chants straight from the heart. His voice has a rare quality of authenticity. With him it's all about the soul, but his music is great too, lyrical, uplifting and inspiring." 

- Ranchor Prime, Author and Publisher

"I had a most wonderful night of kirtan with Tim Chalice. Feeling totally blissed - after 2 stressful weeks this is the only thing that has managed to get me to switch off my head and rest in my heart. The depth of the silence experienced after the chant has ended is quite incredible - thank you Tim for sharing your amazing gift with us all." - Claire Murphy, Director at The Santosha Studio, Chippenham


"Tim’s music connected me with the Universe and everyone around me, while I sang with such eternal happiness that tears soaked my cheeks and dripped off my jaw onto my lap and I didn’t care." - Lisa Cherry Beaumont (Lisa's Life Lessons blog)


"My sense of Tim is that he is a truly gentle man with a deep conviction that we each have to be the peace that we want to see in the world. This is reflected in the presentation of all his work. He appears to have made the transition from ego to intuition and has the seemless ability to go with the flow and take us deeper into whatever presents at any time. For the many truly magical evenings spent at the Light House or the Pierian Centre I give gratitude - they have enriched my life." - Jackie Kneeshaw


"The heartfelt devotion and beautiful simplicity of Tim’s chanting sessions have helped me immensely on my journey of self-healing and of finding love for myself and others. The periods of silence between the chants enable us to bathe in and absorb the vibration and energy of the sound. Exquisite!" - Bev Sowerby, Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda, Bath


"Thank you for such a magical evening. Two wonderful hours of beautiful heart filling chants felt like it woke every cell in my body with joy!" - Roz Grimble, Cardiff


"Sending deep gratitude and thanks to for the most wonderful evening of chanting last night - just what I needed!"

- Surya Lovejoy


"A wonderfully uplifting & meditative first time for me at Yoga Bodhi. Tim's hypnotic chant took me to another state of consciousness ... a blissful state to visit." - Robin Oneile


"When Tim chants, I can feel the pure devotion in his heart! It is really beautiful. Tim holds a space where we can chant from our hearts!" - Padmashree Ramananda


"Tim provides a beautiful supportive open caring loving space for us to open our hearts and share our tears!"

- Liza (Sandhya) Coyle


"Tim's beautiful Kirtan is a most spiritual joy to share because it seems he chants from and to the Heart." - Christine Brown


"What a beautiful I so love it when I get the opportunity to come and chant with you." - Alana Eyebright Bond


"Very profound, the vibration and resonance of your voice was something very special" - Rosabella Jordan


Voice Workshop Testimonials

"What a fabulous workshop you facilitated yesterday. We loved it! We don't know anyone else who can take us to that place of inner peace and stillness as quickly and deeply as you can." - Bea Martin, Bards of Avalon


"Thank you so much for providing the space for us to begin to explore and find our voice. We both feel so much gratitude and we look forward to attending your future workshops." - Selena Reid


Harmonium Workshop Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing workshop today. I’m feeling hopeful and excited and it’s all down to the Bhakti you so generously facilitated!" - Mischa Yogui


"An inspiring day where I learned so much!" - Francesca Giusti

"I found today's harmonium workshop enjoyable, relaxing and informative. Who could ask for more? You always create a lovely space in whatever environment you work in because your light shines through so the energy reflects that. I think your chord sheets and choice of corresponding chants were just perfect for us novices, so I'm not sure I'd change anything about today's workshop." - Robyn Oneile


"A great session today, thank you so much,. The handouts were very clear and easy to understand. You are a great teacher. I don't think I could have improved it" - Sridevi


"What a wonderful balanced, informative, love-filled day." - KalyaniI

Bath Spa University Students following an introduction to chanting workshop (2014)

"I have been meditating for nearly ten years and I can say that I have never felt so peaceful and relaxed, a beautiful experience, thank you so much for introducing me to this."


"Really enjoyed it! I always had a grudge against singing, but today I opened out and felt so liberated, had tears of happiness at one point."


"This was a powerful experience which really resonated with me. I’ve never meditated with so many people, so both hearing everyone and feeling their presence was incredible. I now feel very centred, very positive and ‘wholesome’."


"This evening was really eye-opening. My previous experience of meditation has been solo - this was my first group meditation. I found the vocalisation aspect really freeing and connecting to others in the room. A fantastic group energy!"


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