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CD Reviews

Give It All Away For Love (2016)

"There is such pure devotion and love flowing through this music. Beautiful songs and production. I am floating in the sweetness as I listen" - Brenda McMorrow, Canadian Devotional Kirtan artist (White Swan Records)

"Tim's devotional heart sound and meditative mantras, are an empowering fusion of East-West ‘bhakti’ sound. His recurring melodies and sumptuous world orchestration penetrate your mind, inspire participation and awaken your heart." - Chloe Goodchild - Singer, Author "The Naked Voice”

'Your CD is incredible Tim! Deeply moving, spellbinding, heart-opening and earth shattering. I feel profoundly touched listening to it.' - Rachel Fleming, Yoga teacher

'When Tim opens his mouth to sing I'm certain the room fills with celestial beings. This is a beautiful heart-opening album, a true gift from the soul' - Lisa Morse

'Tim's new CD is fabulous and utterly mesmerising' - Charlotta Chandrika Martinus, Yoga teacher

'Your amazing new CD is such an achievement! Weaving your own song and vision, humbly and without ego, into these sacred mantras, presenting such a beautiful Bhakti refuge for us all, in a format to repeat when we wish.' - Adrian Mieras, Sound Healer

'For eight years I've enjoyed many evenings of blissful chanting with Tim. I've often driven home wishing the experience could be bottled. I've found with Tim's new CD 'Give It All Away For Love' exactly that! A beautifully arranged CD with talented vocalists and musicians, led by Tim with grace and humility. Providing powerful chants that help bring my heart and soul to life! Filled with moments of spine-tingling serenity. 'Borrow Your Sorrows' has helped me enormously this past year, for which I am extremely grateful. I cried my way through my first introduction to this chant at Yoga Bodhi in Bath last May; it helped me find a way to connect with the otherwise inexplicable emotions associated with terminal cancer, and the loss of my dearest friend. 'The One who hears' seemed to listen.' - Tracey Woodward

Devotional Heart (2012)

'This is a truly beautiful piece of work. It touches the heart into an expansion and uplifts towards joy. Tim is deeply connected to love and shares this love through his creative and inspired work with song, sound and words. For hearts that are open or ready to open this offering will bring, expansion, peace, stillness...Tim's gift to the world deserves and is perhaps destined to be widely heard and received.' - Kay Baxter, Meditation & Yoga teacher

'Devotional Heart carries me through my emotions and by the end of Shree Ram I feel restored; stillness in my body and silence in my mind is regained. A special thank you Tim, for This Place/Hare Krishna: I frequently struggle with feeling the need to escape and this powerful chant has helped me to stay grounded on numerous occasions, transforming my restlessness into peace. On the day I bought your CD, my desk calendar read: ‘The existence of created things is the existence of God’ and I’ve placed it inside the CD cover, as I feel this collection of work is a beautiful example of the wonder of creation.' - Tracey Woodward

"Tim's album Devotional Heart has become part of my daily practice. I listen to it in the car, sing his songs to my children, seek out its rhythms, messages and sounds when I need solace. It is my port in a storm. Thank you Tim for all that you are." - Rachel Fleming, Yoga teacher

'I wanted to let you know your Devotional Heart CD is amazing., Keep doing what your doing, the joy and light it brings is really appreciated.' - Miriam Luckhurst

"Your wonderful music took me out of my mind. It so restores my body mind and spirit....this is such a gift. Thank you." - Jackie Kneeshaw

"I am loving both your glorious CDs and put them on every morning and sing my heart out. I also find them soothing, uplifting and healing." - Suzanne Burgess

"Devotional Heart contains six tracks which vary in length, style and tempo, and use both English and Sanskrit. I've found it an enjoyable and accessible way to bring chanting into my meditation practice at home and I use it regularly. My particular favourites are This Place/Hare Krishna which brings tears to my eyes and Shiva Carry Me Home." - Jane Ashley

Planting Peace (2006)

"I have been listening to your CD. I so enjoy the songs, not only your voice and guitar playing, but the composition and words of the songs themselves, and the contemporary yet visionary quality that I experience when listening to them. Your Gayatri mantra won't leave me alone! What I hear in your offerings is a truly an offering a purity of intent and sound that flows through you to share with us all and nourish everyone in the field, without attachment or reservation. It's gorgeous." - Pamela Alexander, Canada





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