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Give It All Away For Love was over one year in the making and my most ambitious CD yet! Produced again by Tom Simenauer (aka Tabla Tom) this CD also features Martin Solomon (violin) and beautiful vocals from Vaishnavi, as well as from a group of other singers to give the CD a more authentic Kirtan sound. The CD includes all of the most popular chants I have been singing these last few years including Jai Bajarangi, Jai Shree Devi/Ambe Ma, Govinda Jaya Jaya, Kali Ma and Borrow Your Sorrows/Om Namah Shivaya . I am very excited about this CD and hope you love it as much as I do!


You can listen to some samples from the CD by clicking here.


"There is such pure devotion and love flowing through this music. Beautiful songs and production. I am floating in the sweetness as I listen" - Brenda McMorrow, Canadian Devotional Kirtan artist (White Swan Records)


"Your CD is incredible Tim! Deeply moving, spellbinding, heart-opening and earth shattering. I feel profoundly touched listening to it.' - Rachel Fleming, Yoga teacher


'Tim's new CD is fabulous and utterly mesmerising'

- Charlotta Chandrika Martinus, Yoga teacher


'Your amazing new CD is such an achievement! Weaving your own song and vision, humbly and without ego, into these sacred mantras, presenting such a beautiful Bhakti refuge for us all, in a format to repeat when we wish.' - Adrian Mieras, Sound Healer

Give It All Away For Love

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