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I recorded my first CD in May 2006 featuring a dozen original tracks all written and performed by myself. Each song and chant arose from my spiritual awakening, coming from the heart and reflecting my deep and personal commitment to inner and outer peace. These songs had been written and performed over a number of years and this project was a completion of a fruitful period of my musical life before chanting became my sole focus. I am very fond of these songs which reflect a sincere and heartfelt emerging journey of peace and spirituality.


You can listen to some samples from the CD by clicking here.


"I have been listening to your CD. I so enjoy the songs, not only your voice and guitar playing, but the composition and words of the songs themselves, and the contemporary yet visionary quality that I experience when listening to them. Your Gayatri mantra won't leave me alone! What I hear in your offerings is a truly an offering a purity of intent and sound that flows through you to share with us all and nourish everyone in the field, without attachment or reservation. It's gorgeous."

- Pamela Alexander, Singer & Voice Facilitator, Canada

Planting Peace

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