Chanting for Inner Peace

Tim Chalice

Harmonium Workshop (near Bath)


This experiential and fun workshop is aimed at those new and relatively new to the harmonium with the aim of being able to play and sing Kirtan chants. This might be for your own personal practice, to share with your family or, in time, to lead a public Kirtan.

To begin the workshop we will spend a short while getting to know the instrument and learning how to navigate the keyboard as smoothly and easily as possible. We will look at the different ways of playing the harmonium and learn about playing chords and also chord inversions which can make life a lot easier for us. We will learn to play one or two chants and begin to see how easily we can play any number of chants once we have grasped the basics and know a few chords! You will be provided with a chant sheet to go away and practice with and support you in the coming weeks and months. This workshop is only the beginning as there is no substitute for practice!

This is a small group so advanced booking is essential. Priority will be given to those who have their own harmonium but if you don’t have one but would still like to attend please do get in contact as I do have one spare harmonium.

Tim Chalice has been leading Kirtan for over 10 years, appearing at many bhakti and yoga festivals, gatherings and retreats, as well as releasing two Kirtan CDs. 

Universal Yoga, Red Hill, Camerton, BA2 0NY



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